Let's recap the Giants season thus far by position and move on the outfield.


            The revamped Giants outfield has performed above all expectations. Starting with All-Star Melky Cabrera, the "Three Amigos" have definitely given Giants fans something to cheer about. Cabrera has hit .352 with seven homers, 39 RBI's and ten steals. Acquired in an off-season trade with the Royals for starting pitcher Jonathan Sanchez, the Giants have to be extremely happy with the way that trade has worked out. His offense from the 'three hole' has been a big boost for the Giants offense and has set up the table for cleanup hitter Buster Posey. Cabrera has also displayed great defense, using his speed and cannon arm to make play after play in Left Field.

            Another trade acquisition has played very well in the Giants outfield. Traded from the Mets for Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez, Angel Pagan has done a very solid job of patrolling center field. Pagan is hitting .290 with 23 extra base hits and 15 steals, all while seeing a majority of his at-bats hitting fifth. Pagan has played average defense, but his contributions with the bat and on the base path is what the Giants were hoping to get when they made that trade.

            Rounding out the outfield is Gregor Blanco. He has come from being an unknown in spring training to becoming a sparkplug at the top of the order. Though Blanco has cooled off considerably over the past month, he has maintained a solid On-Base percentage of .337 and has 14 steals. If Blanco can get back to hitting around .275, the table setter for the Giants offense can once again contribute a lot without feeling the pressure of having to hit .300 like he was earlier in the year.