All the talk going into this season was the amount of talented rookie quarterbacks coming into, and starting in the league.

None more so than the number one and two picks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Sure they deserved the high placing in the draft, and have to a large extent backed the experts claims that they were for real and ready.

Drafted by the Indianapolis Colts, Luck has shown poise and strength in guiding his team to a 3-3 start, they may not be playoff bound but he's given them back some credibility. Griffin has exploded onto the scene and has put the WAshington Redskins back into the spotlight, with flambouyant displays of rushing the fototball as well as throwing it.

When Head Coach Pete Carroll drafted Russell Wilson out of Wisconsin in the 3rd round of this years draft, it would seem he would have to settle for a place warming the bench, as high priced free agent Matt Flynn loked to be the man handling the Seattle Seahawks offense.

Carroll though put the new guys up against each other in camp and in pre-season. Eventually after impressing during this time, Wilson was name the starter.

His first game was a tricky road trip to the desert against the Arizona Cardinals. A decent showing saw him complete just over half of his passes, with a touchdown and an interception in the mix. It was when he made his home debut against the Dallas Cowboys, he made people sit op and take notice. Completing 75% of his throws, one for a TD, in a complete humiliation of the favoured Cowboys.

So at 1-1 he had the media spotlight thrust well and truly upon him as Green Bay rolled into town. What happened next was, and is now, history. The fabled "Inter-touchdown" when his last second Hail Mary pass was seemingly intercepted by the Packers, only for Golden Tate to wrestle the ball away while on the ground, for a win which ultimately led to the ending of the officials strike.

After this Wilson came to earth with a bump as he team lost to a St.Louis Rams side that was playing strong, especially at home. Picked off not one but three times in a 19-13 defeat. On the road again to Carolina and his impressive numbers, the first time he would pass for over 200 yards in a game, helped his team past Cam Newton's Panthers by six points.

Back home, and the 12th Man that is the vociferous Seahawks crowd. New England with all thier star names and bravado succumbed to a this time not so fortunate last minute heave downfield. The Patriots were stunned but were in good company of falling to Wilson's home heroics.

The high, once again, was followed by a low as a 13-6 road defeat to the San Francisco 49ers, meant that going into this Sundays game at Detroit, the Seahawks were a healthy 4-3, just a game back from the Niners in the competitive NFC West division.

The stats behind the record show some trends. 3-0 at home, but 0-3 in the division. The latter not a good place to be in an end of season division tiebreaker. But with wins over other playoff chsing NFC foes they have an edge there.

So, where Griifin is being hailed as great entertainment, and Luck as a solid future star, it's the steady work of Russell Wilson that might just get his Seattle team back into the playoffs and if that happens might, just might, get him a few extra votes when the end of season awards are handed out.