Seattle Seahawks News: Signing Terrell Owens Screams Desperation By The Front Office And Coaching Staff

Terrell Owens was one of the best receivers the NFL has ever seen, in his prime.

The 38-year-old signed the veteran-minimum contract to suit up for the Seattle Seahawks this upcoming season, a team that is desperately trying to find its identity. They already have a competitive quarterback battle in Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson, and haven't had a solid quarterback since Matt Hasselback, but they believe Owens is the missing piece to the puzzle. They can't be serious though.

What's more shocking is the fact that Owens settled for the veteran's minimum. It's not like he was going to do any better in any other uniform, it's just that I'm surprised his ego would stoop that far down from previous years. This indicates signs that he may be maturing, and getting away from his alter-ego that owned media coverage for a decade. That is impressive, but definitely not enough to have him as your No. 1 receiver.

The Seahawks are looking a little thin at the receiving position, however. Sydney Rice is struggling to stay healthy, and there is circulation about a lack of confidence in Golden Tate, but who would blame them? Even Ben Obomanu is failing to impress coaches and open eyes.

Even though Owens ran a 4.44 40 yard dash for the Seahawks on Monday, Owens will still not produce the way he used to. With his recent financial troubles, Owens will do anything he can to earn some cash, which will have him motivated. Owens still has some catches and plays here and there, but he definitely will not produce nor live up to the standard of the number one, go-to receiver that he is planned to be, and that is a problem.

From the quarterback position to the receiving position, it's obvious that the Seahawks are struggling to find some sort of identity and stability. With Ownes on board, it will not only add to their identity (in a negative way), but he will destabilize the Seahawks. T.O. will still be T.O. It'll be interesting to see who "his quarterback" is as well. Given Owens' treatment of Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo and Jeff Garcia, may the football gods have mercy on his soul.

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