Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed that only three teams Chelsea, United and Manchester City are favorites ruling out Arsenal and Tottenham Hostpurs to win the prestigious Premier League Title this season.

United boss believes his team along with Chelsea and City are in a very good position to win the League and would be surprised if one of the three doesn’t win the League. With just three months to the start of the league, Ferguson has already declared it as a three-horse race.

"I think Chelsea, City and ourselves are creating that little gap from the rest" Ferguson told The Mirror.

"It's difficult to be dead certain, but I would be surprised if one of us three didn't win it"

Ferguson and his men face their toughest challenge of this season as they travel to Stamford Bridge this weekend to face the European Champions who are currently standing at the top in the League table.  United boss believes the weekend clash against Chelsea could have major implications for the title race.

"Our game on Sunday will be important to us, there's no doubt about that. There are lot of big games still to come, of course, but I think it will be close. There are a lot of ways a league can be decided. The way we lost it last season is one way - on goal difference. That was unusual for us”

"But the way the league is now, any one of the three could win it, there's no doubt about that. All of us have strong squads, particularly Chelsea and ourselves, in terms of recent history. That will always guarantee we will be able to handle the number of games you have to play" Ferguson went on to add.