After an emphatic romp by the Giants, it is clear that the New York Jets are in no way shape or form ready to start their regular season in a few weeks. They have a lot of work to do, on both ends of the ball, as evident through both preseason scores, (Bengals - 17-6; Giants - 26-3). Even though this is preseason, it still does mean a lot, and is a pretty good test to see if a team is ready to start their season. It also tells you how bad your third stringers are compared to other teams, in which case, Jets backups can't be compared to the others in the NFL. 

The Jets are the only team in the NFL to not score a TD in the preseason. Obviously the offense is struggling in the red zone. Tim Tebow is 9 for 22, with 96 passing yards and one interception this preseason. Mark Sanchez is 13 for 17, with 80 passing yards, and one interception. Sanchez's interception came in the red zone, and Tebow's was a return for a touchdown. Both of these mistakes can't happen. Greene has been sub-par, even though he has had limited carries. The Jets leading receiver yesterday was Jordan White, their seventh round pick. Granted, Chad Schilens, Santonio Holmes, and Jeremy Kerley are out with injuries, but I would think that their should be some more production, if, after all they are a "super bowl caliber" team.

The Jets defense has been sub-par as well. Giving up 17 in the first game, and then 26 in the second, its tough to say that your defense is improving when they perform like that. The Jets run defense played very well yesterday against the Giants, and so did the safeties, specifically Laron Landry, who intercepted David Carr yesterday. Quinton Coples racked up his team leading second sack of the preseason yesterday, and it seems like he is providing the spark on the d-line. Other than that, the Jets D hasn't been performing the way they should be.

The Jets third string quarterback, who didn't play against the Giants, goes by the name of Greg McElroy; remember him? McElroy was the fourth string quarterback last year who came out with those shots towards the Jets and the team moral after the season ended last year. If you go back further to last year's preseason, McElroy put up some stellar numbers, and was looking excellent before he went down with a broken thumb.

Against the Bengals in the first game of the preseason, McElroy when 4-6, with 49 passing yards, and NO INTERCEPTIONS.

I'm a huge Jet fan; I have season tickets. I have been following the Jets long enough to realize that McElroy is probably the best quarterback prospect we have had since Vinny Testaverde. He has poise in the pocket, is accurate with his throws, and he doesn't make mistakes.

Even though he put his foot in his mouth and disrespected his teammates and his team when he came out with those comments as the teams fourth-string quarterback, you still should give him some considerable thought. I understand you want to give Sanchez all the reps he deserves, as well as Tebow, but please also give McElroy reps. He clearly has the quarterback mentality, and it's riveting to see him play.

Bottom line. If Sanchez continues to have the "success" that he has been having, critics are already saying Tebow will be the starter by week 6. What I am saying, is if that is true, McElroy will be the starter at week 8, or he should be.