Wednesday is the second leg of the Spanish Supercopa between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Barcelona took a 3-2 lead after winning at home in the first leg. With a first leg score that was close enough to allow either team to win the Supercopa, the contest at the Bernabeu in Madrid is up for grabs. With that being said, here are three keys to a Barcelona victory.

          1.Eliminate the Silly Mistakes

            This means you Victor Valdes. Barcelona has become a team that seemingly can only be defeated by themselves. Barcelona had a commanding 3-1 lead late in the first leg. Then while Real was pushing forward, the ball got played back to the keeper Valdes. Valdes had a very poor first touch, allowing the ball to bounce a couple yards away from him. The ball bounced off of his foot far enough that Forward Angel Di Maria was able to come in, dispossess Valdes, and then score.

            The score proved to be a key score. Not only is Real only down one going back home, but it gives them two road goals, which is the first tie-breaker if total goals are tied. If Barcelona wants to win, they have to make Real beat them, not beat themselves.

          2. Continue to Dominate Possession

            Possession was a huge story in the first leg. Barcelona dominated the ball, keeping possession 70 percent of the time. The midfield was able to play keep away from Real, limiting Real's scoring opportunities.

            If Barcelona wants to win on Wednesday, they will have to dominate the ball once again. They have to keep the ball away from guys like Mesut Ozil and Xabi Alonso, the guys that are big playmakers. If they don't have the ball, they can't set up the prolific goal-scorers like Ronaldo and Benzema.

          3. Defend the Set Pieces

            Real Madrid didn't have many opportunities in the first game, but they were able to capitalize on a corner kick. Ronaldo was able to swoop in and head the ball into the corner. Barcelona must shut down Real's set pieces to win. Real had limited chances, and with the exception of Valdes' error, were only able to score on the corner. By shutting down the set pieces, Real's offense would be almost rendered incapable of scoring. If Barca is able to keep the ball AND stop Real's set pieces, the Supercopa will spend the year in Barcelona.