Willie Mays spoke to the 49ers before the team’s 45-3 win over Buffalo.


Say, I think I might have saved his pep talk for a tougher opponent. Hey, just sayin’ kid.


-- Biggest win: Saints over Chargers. A loss and the season is over for New Orleans, and not just for Jonathan Vilma and Sean Payton.


I’m still not sure why Payton was allowed to attend the game to watch Drew Brees break the record for most consecutive games with a touchdown pass. It’s not like the suspended coach embraced Brees on the field after the record-setting pass. In fact, he would have had a better view of the play at home in front of the television than way up there in the skybox. And shouldn’t his son have been in bed. After all, It was a school night.


Runner-up: The Colts winning for head coach Chuck Pagano, who was diagnosed with leukemia the week before.


-- Biggest loss: Like usual, just when people are ready to put the Chargers in the upper echelon of teams, Norv Turner’s squad loses a game it shouldn’t to the winless Saints. I don’t care if it was an away game and must-win for New Orleans, San Diego has to win that one.


-- If the Jets sign Terrell Owens they will officially have a three-ring circus. Unfortunately, it will be the only rings the Jets get.  


I predict the Jets lose to Indianapolis and then owner Woody Johnson steps in and insists Tim Tebow get the next start at home. Owners don’t become rich by being dumb — unless they inherit their father’s fortune, of course — and Johnson knows the only way he’s selling out any games the rest of the season is if Tebow is under center. And even then, Johnson might have to give away Tebow bobbleheads; shirtless and praying, of course.


-- Eli Manning’s backup at Ole Miss, Seth Smith, scored the game-winning run for the A’s in Game 3 of their divisional series against the Tigers. Can you imagine the hype in New York if one of Tebow’s college backups did anything spectacular in the world of sports. Heck, the backup might just have to successfully jump a hopscotch course to make ESPN’s headlines.


-- Gutsiest performance: Pat Neshek pitching just days after his newborn son died. Isn’t it ironic how people questioned, or in some cases crucified Eagles coach Andy Reid for returning to practice the day after his son’s funeral. But with Neshek there wasn’t one bad word. In fact, he was almost celebrated as a hero.


-- I guess at this point we have to put Lance Armstrong in the same category as Pete Rose? Or maybe we have to wait until Armstrong admits to his transgressions before we elevate him to Rose’s status.


-- Alex Rodriguez’s public reaction to being lifted for a pinch-hitter Wednesday night couldn’t have been scripted any better for him. But we really shouldn’t be surprised since he’s had plenty of time to rehearse it.


-- Worst fans of the week: Take your pick, Braves or Chiefs. The former for throwing trash and the latter for acting like it.


-- Imagine former Reds owner Marge Schott’s reaction up in heaven (I assume) after Thursday night’s game.


OVERTIME: The best call of the week goes to the judge in the Jerry Sandusky case for making sure if that monster ever does get out of jail, he’ll be too old and weak to defend himself. And I don’t mean in court.


-- College sports lost a great one when Beano Cooke passed away on Thursday. Credited with many quips, his best might be one that had nothing to do with sports, when he often said about his fear of flying: “The first word you see at an airport is terminal.”


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