People began questioning Andy Reid's dedication as a parent as soon as his oldest son's death was announced. And then they continued when Reid returned to practice less than 24 hours after Garrett's funeral.

For the fans who aren't parents and are questioning Reid, please just be quiet. For those who are parents and are questioning, think to yourself: How you would deal with and grieve about an offspring's death. And then ask yourself if you'd want to be questioned and criticized for it.

One can only hope that the death of Reid's one son with drug problems might have saved a second son who has a history of the same.

-- The New York Jets should have accepted the invitation to appear again on "Hard Knocks." Maybe under the watchful eye of a video camera their training camp would be a little less physical.

In case Jets fans are wondering why their stadium-mates don't scuffle, it's because the Giants players would scratch their Super Bowl rings.

-- Terrell Owens ran the 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds, which isn't bad for a 39-year-old (OK, it's downright blazing). Now, if only he could outrun his mouth.

-- Barry Bonds said in an interview with that "without a doubt" he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

It's a shame he doesn't have a vote. That way he'd at least get one.   

-- Think the Major League Baseball Draft is over-rated? Don't ask the Nationals.

-- Apparently Kelloggs likes the looks of Gabby Douglas' hair - a million times over

-- It's good to know even Olympic swimmers relieve themselves in the pool. Not that I ever have.

-- One word for the German diver: Ouch.

-- The longest sellout streak in National League history stands at 257 after the Phillies didn't sell out Monday's game against rival Atlanta. After weeks of seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of empty seats throughout the ballpark, it's now official that the fans in the City of Brotherly Love prefer winning over losing.

-- Boston manager Bobby Valentine received the dreaded "vote of confidence" from management, which basically means that if the Red Sox aren't hovering around first place by next year's All-Star break, he'll be baked in Beantown. That is, if he survives the cold Boston winter.

Valentine is further proof that a baseball manager has to be great at managing the game, but has to be even better at managing people.

-- Allen High School, located in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, is unveiling its new $59.6 million football stadium this season.

And we're worried about the NCAA.

-- Penn State's football uniforms will have the names of the players on the back for the first time in school history. And the players remaining on that team and the recruits coming in, should all wear them proudly.

-- Phil Mickelson is preparing for retirement by becoming a partner in a group that just purchased the San Diego Padres for $800 million. Rumor has it - started here, of course - Tiger Woods has asked Magic Johnson for a share of ownership in the Dodgers ... just to annoy Lefty.  

-- Suspended NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger said he tested positive for Adderall after a friend gave him the pill and told him it was a workout supplement and would boost his energy. Some friend.

OVERTIME: Watching NFL preseason games is like watching a practice round on the PGA Tour. You get all excited and revved up, and then before the first quarter is over you are watching players you'll never see on the field in September.

It's like watching Tiger Woods hit a wedge within a foot of the hole, and then seeing him drop a second ball just for fun. Sort of takes the excitement right out of it.

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