Montenegro's star-man Stevan Jovetic has dropped hints about his wish to play in the Premier League, further igniting the desires of Premier-League's "big boys" Arsenal and Man City. 

Currently playing for Fiorentina, the skilled striker has forced 23 goals in his last 12 games, this recent run of form more than anything has pushed him to the top of Wenger and Mancini's summer wish list. Short from actually asking to move to England, the Serie-A star could not do much more to let the Premier League know he's interested in a transfer.

Jovetic has a £25 million buy-out clause, and in a recent interview said:  “It sure is nice when you are interesting big clubs like Arsenal and Manchester City.


“It feels good because the English game currently has probably the strongest league in the world.


“I’m very comfortable in Italy but the Premier League is at the top of the football world – and perhaps the best.

Despite the routing Montenegro received from England in last Friday's world cup-qualifier, Jovetic himself had a fairly good game (when the ball got to his feet) and his club performance is what caught the Premier League's eye. 

It is no secret however that if it does come down to Mancini and Wenger, then the italian will lose no sleep over that bidding war.