Supended play can either be a curse or a benefit to a tennis player, especially in the Grand Slam events.  French Open play today has been suspended and Tsonga leads in the 5th set 4 to 2 over Wawrinka whereas Del Potro is leading 2 sets to 1 over Berdych.

Who will benefit from the suspension, really depends on their own psychological make up and whether it is rest they need or a regrouping of strategy.

It clearly appears that Tsonga likely will take the match unless for some reason he is tight or over confident when the play starts. Wawrinka has nothing to lose by giving it his all and could make Tsonga's win difficult or not at all.

Del Potro is in a completely different with winning the first set in a tie breaker, losing the second decisively, then winning the third. He needs to maintain his rhythym, focus and psycological edge but Berdych has time to regroup and focus on his strategy and he has the advantage of being ranked higher, having more recent finals events and won the last two sets.

That's why we play tennis matches. We don't know who wins until the end.  Day 9 at the French Open will be an interesting day.