Well we all knew secretly didnt we? Pearce, for all his macho posturing and his spiteful decision to leave out Beckham, really doesnt have any idea how to manage a football team.

All those contorted expressions and macho stances in the dug out may have looked impressive 30 years ago, but today it just epitomises how vacuous are our aspirations to win the Olympic gold.

His statement that leaving out Beckham for Micah Richards was for footballing reasons looks even more laughable after Richards performance tonight against Brazil. He looked overweight, lethargic, lacking pace and tactically naive. An utter liability. The penalty he gave away was just one of a whole catalogue of disastrous mistakes and failings at the back. How Beckham must have been secretly smirking behind his hand at this pitiful performance.

Full marks to Gaby Roslin for trying to talk up our pathetic chances in this competition, but Garth Crooks remided me of that guy in Rising Damp, Phillip Smith. A footballer with a posh accent talking utter tosh. How Robbie Savage must have wanted to put his foot in his mouth everytime he interrupted with another load of gushing tripe.

Every stage needs a clown so they say, and Pearce and his England troupe will not disappoint when it comes to comedy theatre. Unfortunately, he actually thinks that anybody takes this seriously. That is also why the FA were quick to put distance between Pearce and the England job and were mightily relieved when he was appointed Team GB manager.

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