Seattle Seahawks and a healthy determined Terrell Owens appear to be a match in football heaven. The Seahawks signed Owens the once prominent NFL star, and Hall of Fame hopeful to a one-year contract after an impressive workout in the Seattle area on Aug 6. Running and cathing footballs at the "VMAC" Seahawks training facility located on the shores of beautiful Lake Washington in nearby Renton.Owens posted an incredibe 40 yard dash time of 4.45. So surprising that the Seahawks immediately went into negotiation mode not allowing the rest of the NFL to get a glimpse of the rejuvanted Owens.

The signing proves how fast life can change in the NFL. After having a hectic year on and off the field dealing with child support issues and nagging injuries. Owens financial struggles seemed to be getting the best of his late ending career. Struggling to find peace on and off the field Ownes never gave up still searching in pursuit of his dream to return back to the NFL. 

In 2011 in search of employment and a connection to the sport he loves Owens joined the Indoor Football League. Many thought Owens had hit rock bottom after he became the butt of jokes and head scratching as fans and media members sat back and watched as it appeared Owens career was crumbling before their eyes. Yet, after being released by the Allen Wranglers of the IFL for what was called a lack of effort Owens continued to workout never letting go of the dream to catch an NFL football again. 

Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll and the Seattle front office known for turning adversities into triumphs and desperate for help at the wide receiver position. Decided to take a flyer on one of the "Greatest Of All Time". Now can Carroll help T.O. turn back the hands of time and rejuvenate the career of one of the most phenomenal players in NFL history?

It was in Seattle in 2002 that Owens introduced the "Sharpie" to Prime Time on Monday Night Football.  A decade after the "Sharpie" incident Owens will be re-establishing his career on the Seahawks roster. While Owens still has to compete to appear on the 53-man roster, Seahawks fans should be pumped.