Texas A&M vs. LSU Tigers Preview: Johnny Manziel And The Aggies Take On The Re-energized LSU Tigers

What a difference a week can make. Just one week ago, this writer suggested that it would take a total collapse by South Carolina for LSU to come out of its game against the Gamecocks with a win. I should have known better. LSU is downright lethal at night in Death Valley under Les Miles. Lesson learned. Fast forward a week.

The Tigers head west across the Texas state line to College Station where the Texas A&M Aggies await. The Aggies are riding a wave of momentum coming off a thrilling victory over the scrappy Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech. They brandish one of the hottest young gunslingers in the country in Johnny Manziel, who happens to have one of the coolest nicknames in all of football as well, "Johnny Football". 

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Johnny Football and his first six games of the season. He has surpassed most of the passing and rushing stats put up by Cam Newton and Tim Tebow in their Heisman Trophy winning season. Let me bring a little reality to the situation. Johnny Football has put up some pretty impressive numbers against some pretty unimpressive defenses: SMU, South Carolina State, Arkansas, Ole Miss & Louisiana Tech. When he did play a top tier defense, Florida, he was average: 173 pass yards and 60 rush yards. Hardly Heismanesque (by the way Florida had zero film on this guy going in to the game).We'll find out a lot about Johnny Football over the next four weeks. Three of those four weeks Texas A&M plays a team ranked in the top twelve of the BCS standings: LSU, Mississippi State and Alabama. 

LSU is first, and they are usually up to the task. This week should be no different. The speed they display on defense is silly. It's not so much that one or two guys are just that good, they are all relentless and pursue with the zeal of a pack of wild dogs on a hunt for survival. All of them. All of the time. It's exhausting if you are an opposing offense. And if you don't have an defense to counter, as was the case with the Florida Gators, it could be a long night for the opposition.

If Louisiana Tech can score at will on the Aggies, the Tigers should have no problem putting enough points on the board to pull out a victory.

LSU's young quarterback did enough not to hurt the Tigers last week. Look for him to build off of that Saturday in College Station. The Tigers would be wise to continue to establish the running game and wear down the Aggie defense and keep Johnny Football on the sideline.

George W. once eloquently stated, "Fool me once...shame on...shame on you...you fool me, you can't get fooled again." Brilliant! I can't get fooled again. It's an early start, 11:00 am, but when a dog hunts, time is of little relevance. LSU by 10.

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