Fernando Llorente

Today, the Daily Mail linked Fernando Llorente, 27, to a move from his current side (Bilbao) to the Gunners, which has only been backed by his statement to the press that this promising striker would like to play in the premier league next season. However, the Spaniard has also been linked with Manchester City, Manchester United. Yet again though, before you all go getting excited, I believe this is only speculation, however, and would be seriously suprised if he ended up wearing the Arsenal shirt. Pen to paper rating: 20%.

Nigel DeJong

The Dutchman in blue has been linked with Arsenal so often now that it would be stupid to ignore it, but will this deal be yet another one that the papers have made up to get attention? The signing of the midfielder seems perfectly reasonable and legitimate to me, after all he may be just what we're looking for (if M'Villa pans out to be another maybe). De Jong didn't get the playing time he may have hoped for last season with City, and so may be open to a move, but there lies the question, would City sell to a rival club? After all the players  sent their way from Arsenal, you would certainly hope so. But something tells me there is a difference in mentality between Arsene Wenger and Mancini. If DeJong ends up donning the red top next season, I for one will certainly be happy. Pen to paper rating: 50%

Olivier Giroud and Marouanne Chamakh

Two names being very closely linked together recently, as it is reported that the Gunners have placed a £6400,000 and striker Chamakh in an effort to secure highly rated Montpeilleur striker Giroud. I personally rate Giroud highly as both a lone wolf and a team member. He's had a successful season, which has attracted the attention of Liverpool, Newcastle and Aston Villa, although Arsenal appears to be leading the crusade. However, I dont think the Montpeilleur will take just 6.4 million for one of their strongest strikers. I'd say the final transfer fee would be around £9,000,000 (with Chamakh). Pen to paper rating: 50%

Some more speculation for you all.

Lets be honest with ourselves here, although we are all hoping for Wenger to bring in many highly rated players, I doubt he will. It's simply not his style and at the end of the day, would we really want it to be? Would we want to buy the CL or the PL? Of course not, because Arsenal do not buy trophies. We win them, through class alone.

And Gooners remember, it's always darkest before the dawn.

In Arsene we trust

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