The race for Peyton Manning is over.

The Broncos, with the help of John Elway, have won that war to win over Manning, even after everything the 49ers have done to groom the team for Manning by brining in Randy Moss and Mario Manningham.

So now after Elway held a press conference saying that Tim Tebow would go in as the starting quarterback for the Broncos in training camp, Elway is now shopping offers for trades for the same quarterback that beat the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime.

This past season, and this start of free agency is a story that couldn't be made up. This year is a quarterback hungry league for a couple teams that are struggling to find a franchise quarterback. Since free agency started, 15 quarterbacks have been taken and moved to different teams.

The same teams that lost the Manning race are still looking for a answer at quarterback such as the Arizona Cardinals and the Miami Dolphins. The San Francisco 49ers have still not resigned Alex Smith who is now forced to go around and test the market.

The Seahawks just signed the two game sensation Matt Flynn so what's left for Tebow? The man that the media coined the term 'Tebow-mania', after all the 4th quarter comeback performances that could not be explained. Tebow stole all the national media so much that people that never watched one game last season knew about Tebow.

After Denver went on to start the season 1-4 with Kyle Orton at the helm Tebow came in and went 7-4. Tebow help lift the Broncos to the playoffs and won his first playoff game. Tebow changed the attitude of that team and that locker room. Now everyone knows last season history of Tebow now the question is where can he land? He will not be in Denver, so let's look at where most experts point. Jacksonville Jaguars.

So far Blaine Gabbert has not panned out. When a team looks to bring in Tebow you change your whole offensive philosophy to fit him, to fit one guy. The problem is that the Jags have a new coach in Mike Mularkey who has this first year to make a statement in how he can coach.

Most people have Tebow going to Jacksonville because it's Tebow's home, which is his crowd after being a Florida college quarterback hero.

One thing Tebow will help with Jacksonville is their problem to be able to sell tickets and fill that stadium in a small market city. So much of a problem they have to put tarp advertisements over the empty seats. The Jags are not ready to give up on Blaine Gabbert and they recently have just signed Chad Henne to the back up role.

It may be hard to be able to bring in Tebow and tie all that money in the quarterback position. Tebow can still possibly go to Miami as they are in a search for a quarterback but only if Alex Smith does not land there. The best place for Tebow is Jacksonville, that franchise needs to be rejuvenated and turned around.

Tebow has been run out of a town that loved him and chanted his name one year -- the very next they have put him on the trade block. It will be good for Tebow to get out of that Denver organization that were always back and forth on Tebow, never building around his strengths and seemed to always work against him and were just waiting for him to lose, well he never did, he just got ran out by Peyton Manning. It will be hard to see where Tebow will go after quarterback pieces are still falling around in free agency such as  Smith and Vince Young.

But now let the race for Tebow begin.