As the New York Jets began their first public practice today, the predictable occurred. The media's obsession with their quarterback controversy has once again ramped up. For the past year Tim Tebow's unorthodox style of offense has been a prominent topic among sports critics, so it might be interesting to read something that is not criticizing him in every aspect. There are an abundance of fans who claim that he won't find the same success this year, especially with the move to the Jets, but who's not to say he won't continue to win? I never thought any quarterback could go a game having fewer than eight pass attempts; however, it works, which leads me to believe he could be the sought out hero for the Jets.

When I heard that Tebow was traded, I wasn't shocked at the fact ownership obtained the most prized "sports celebrity" that America has to offer because that's the nature of Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum. What I was shocked about was the fact that they brought in such a polarizing figure to compete with "franchise" quarterback Mark Sanchez, who was Rex Ryan's first draft pick as "the guy".

            As the two were analyzed, my eyes widened and I formed educated forecasts for the season. My original thought was that the lefty, gun slinging Tebow was brought in to give Sanchez a push and motive to improve before next season. Then it came to my attention, no matter how much Tebow can push Sanchez, the minute he throws one of his 20 plus picks throughout the season, the Jets will have the option to bring in Tebow and the fans will support that move.

            On the other hand, there is a widespread belief that Tebow will overthrow Sanchez's role as starting quarterback by Week 5. I can't say whether that's a good or bad decision but it is possible that Tebow has more magic left in his left arm than for the Jets.

            It's not a given that Sanchez won't perform at the level of a franchise starter nor do I believe Tebow deserves to be handed the job. I do, however, believe that it could be a recipe for disaster. Santonio Holmes has expressed frustration in the past at Sanchez's inability to consistently complete downfield passes, which is one of the few areas where Tebow excels as a passer.

Whether it's Tebow or Sanchez there will be tension between the two signal callers and in the locker room. Jets fans must also take into account that their right offensive line is porous with Wayne Hunter as their starting right tackle and a mobile quarterback may be the solution to their woes. If Sanchez doesn't cut down on the turnovers, then the Jets will have to take a risk with Tebow as their starter.

Offense has been the Jets number one area of concern this offseason and they are committed to adopting a run-based offense in hopes of decreasing their turnovers and winning the time of possession.

            These reasons are why I believe Tebow should be the man under center or in the shotgun for the Jets' offense for the 2012 season. Although he has an inability to consistently throw the ball accurately and he was among the leaders in fumbles last season, his style of play can revolutionize the game should get the job done and save Rex Ryan's despite subpar statistics.