On the depth chart, Tim Tebow may be listed as the number two quarterback for the New York Jets, behind Mark Sanchez. But in reality, he's not - he's a well-rounded football player.

Not every football team can say that their backup quarterback and their starting quarterback were on the field at the same time, or their backup quarterback is the "punt block man," or their backup quarterback recovered a on-side kick. But the Jets can. 

In yesturday's game against the Buffalo Bills, Tim Tebow was invovled in 12 plays, took 11 snaps, and ran for 11 yards. He was lined up as a wide receiver the first play of the game, and actually was open, but Sanchez had elected to throw else where. Tebow continued to be involved on special teams, as he was the "punt block man," on Jet punts. He also recovered the on-side kick in the fourth quarter when the Bills almost made a comeback, trailing by 12. Tebow, besides the recovery on-side kick, was ineffective, and did not shed any signs of "Tebow Time" or the magic that he oozed last year with the Broncos. 

Despite Tebow's inability to be a factor in the game yesturday, the Jets still prevailed pretty handedly, beating the Bills by 20 points. If the main reason to bring in Tebow was to motivate Sanchez to perform better, it certainly worked, as Sanchez looked sharp and completed over 70% of his passes. It's obvious that Sanchez has tweaked somthing in his game, and it may just have taken the fact that "Tebow Time" is behind him in the depth chart, itching to get into the game. 

Tim Tebow is truely, truely a football player and nothing else. I, personally believe he is one of the best all-around football players the NFL has ever seen. His strength, heart, athletism, and his skill set are impecable, and all are aspects of his game that not many other NFL players can relate to. I find it unbelieveable that a backup quarterback, who was a starting quarterback that led a sub-par team to the playoffs as a starting quarterback the year before, is OK with going onto the field on special teams, and better yet, recover an on-side kick. That to me is the ultimate sign of a football player, someone who can do it all, and in my mind, thats Tebow. Not many backup quarterbacks will also risk injury and block during punts, but Tebow does it, and he excells at it.

I am not saying Tebow will be a force on this New York Jet offense, nor do I think that he will be a big factor this season, but I believe that he is not that backup quarterback, and infact I rather have Greg McElroy back up Sanchez. What I am saying is, Tim Tebow is a football player, one of the best players on the Jets, and one of the best all-around players that the NFL has ever seen.