Top 5 Premier League Player Rankings: Gareth Bale Bags 3 In 4 Nil Win

5) Michael Carrick – Alan Shearer pointed out on Match of the Day that Michael Carrick is one of the best passers of the ball in the World. He may not be considered to be up there with Xavi, Iniesta, Pirlo and Scholes but he is marginally behind them. Surprisingly he’s never been a regular in the England set-up but anyone would struggle to beat Lampard and Gerrard. Carrick showed his passing prowess against Newcastle with a bunch of amazing passes leading to chances for Hernandez and van Persie. Carrick lobbed the ball to Hernandez for the winning goal. He is perhaps one of the most underrated players in the World.

4) Jonathon Walters – This season, Stoke have only been half the team we all know. On one side, they’ve played the same rugged and forceful football. But on the other side they haven’t played very well. Usually the play this football and it works but they’ve failed to do this. However Boxing Day changed everything. They beat Liverpool by three goals to one and Jonathon Walters scored a brace. He was clinical for Stoke and Liverpool didn’t know what hit them. Along with Jones, they were brilliant.

3) Adam Johnson – Johnson left Manchester City when Roberto Mancini failed to give him enough playing time. He joined Sunderland is the summer but his arrival was that astonishing. To be honest he has been pretty poor since his move to the Stadium of Light. But against City in this Boxing day triumph, he scored the winning goal! Defeating the Champions and helping out his beloved Black Cats. It is a major boost for Sunderland and England as Johnson will look to regain his form which we all know is there.

2) Patrice Evra – Manchester United’s ever present left back has had a stunning season so far. The arrival of Alex Buttner has given Evra some much needed competition as the Frenchman was becoming too big for his boots. He was becoming complacent thinking that he was untouchable. However since Butterner’s arrival, Evra has been one of the best left backs in the league. Although he still may turn off whilst defending at times but he has used his powers elsewhere by scoring a handful of goals. He’s been brilliant in helping United attack this year.

1) Gareth Bale - The Welsh wizard score a hat-trick against Aston Villa in a four nil win. He is an unstoppable player who is almost unplayable at times. Although Villa were on the rebound of an eight nil loss, it takes nothing away from the power of Gareth Bale. He is one of the best players in the World and I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a move to one of the biggest sides in Europe within the next few years. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t want to leave Spurs. Some people are still deluded to how good Gareth Bale is. There is no doubt about his quality in my eyes. He is amazing.