A lot of NFL teams either know their fate (or fortune) heading into the last two weeks of the season, while quite a few still are battling for their playoff lives. Some are resting their key position players to get them ready for the playoffs, while others are fully handing over the reins to the backups and are already looking towards a better campaign next year. As the season comes to a close for many of the teams in the National Football League this year, its time to take a look at who could be on the move to another franchise.

1. David Wilson, New York Giants

Wilson hasn't run for a ton of yards this season as Ahmad Bradshaw's backup, but he had a breakout game against New Orleans on December 9th where he ran for 100 yards and two touchdowns on 13 carries. He has been used sparingly this season by Coughlin & Co., and Bradshaw has had his differences with the coaching staff throughout the year. If the Giants decide to stick with Bradshaw next year, many teams will be making a call to the Giants for Wilson's services. He's young, driven, mature and he's shown what he could do while under Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech. Any team that is willing to give up some value to the Giants to fill a running back need will surely be happy they did so with Wilson.

2. Vick Ballard, Indianapolis Colts

Ballard didn't exactly run out of the gates when he was thrust into the starting running back position when starter Donald Brown went down with an injury midway through the season. But the past two weeks he has recovered nicely, with 200 yards rushing on about 40 carries. He has shown some speed and has also become a nice check down option for rookie QB Andrew Luck as they approach the playoffs. If Indianapolis (like the Giants) decides to stick with what they have always known, then Ballard could either warm the bench next year in Indy or find himself on another roster. There is many teams with aging starting running backs and Ballard is only 22 years old. Lots of energy and many miles still on Ballard's legs. Looking to prove himself in the league, and he could really help out any team he lands on if Indy decides to part with him.

3. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

He has had quite a tumultuous two years with Philly after a breakout season in 2010. Constant injuries, concussions and a flimsy offensive line have all contributed to Vick's decline and ultimately his move from starter to backup for the rest of the season. Philadelphia is in limbo with its coaching staff until the season closes, and rookie Nick Foles has been given the nod to see what skills he possesses moving forward. Vick's time in Philly is most likely over, but there is no denying the athleticism and speed he has and he can contribute nicely to a new team and city next year. A change of scenery, new coaching staff, and new players surrounding him could spell for another breakout year if another team looking for a quarterback decides to take a gamble on his services. Time will only tell of Vick still has the tools necessary to string together any more Pro Bowl type seasons like he did in Atlanta and Philly in 2010.

4. Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers

Smith has had quite of a resurrection after head coach Jim Harbaugh gave him the guidance, confidence and praise he had been lacking that ultimately led to the team's success last year. But Smith has taken a backseat the past few weeks to what seems like the 49ers future. Colin Kaepernick, the 1st round pick out of Nevada has shown he is talented and has more athletic upside than Smith, and will more than likely be the starter for the foreseeable future. Smith hasn't been the 1st overall pick that everyone expected he would be, but he has definitely shown he is more than capable of being a successful starting quarterback when put into the right system. Plenty of teams will be looking for quarterback help, and Smith will be more than willing to leave San Francisco at this point.

5. Matt Flynn, Seattle Seahawks

The sample size from Flynn's NFL career is small, but he showed a lot of promise in Green Bay as Aaron Rodger's backup when he went down with injury. Flynn was presumably supposed to be the "man" in Seattle this year after signing a pretty hefty contract in the offseason last year, but was beat out by surprising newcomer of the year Russell Wilson out of Wisconsin. Seattle seems pretty comfortable giving the keys to the franchise to Wilson for the future as their quarterback, and Flynn's services could be warranted in such cities such as Kansas City, Jacksonville and Oakland.

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