Tottenham Beats Maribor 3-1: Jermain Defoe Ensures Hotspurs Victory

A trademark Jermain Defoe ensured victory for Tottenham in a must win game. Far from 'classic spurs' Tottenham did dominate for the most part, but there was never a real sense Maribor were out of it. Tottenham had to dig in to get a result, Maribor equalised through Robert Beric after he made the most of a poor backpass by Kyle Naughton. Spurs didn't play a brilliant game, but an effective one. Gareth Bale constantly took advantage of the Maribor fullbacks, delivering killer balls which Defoe made the most of. 

Clinical was the word for Spurs, something that was lacking at the weekend. They made sure they took their chances when neccesary when they had gone into half drawing, when perhaps they should have been leading. Adebayor and Defoe appeared to make an effective partnership, linking well on plenty of occasions. One thing that's commonground between Adebayor and Defoe, their finishers. In the Premier League, where Spurs have be known to pretty ill effective in the final third at times, the partnership could work.

Apart from Tottenham's clinical play, Maribor lacked imagination. Seeming like a side that had come for a draw, lacking any real attacking threat apart from the end of first half after the Beric equaliser. Maribor's attempt to defend was constantly made to seem pointless, as the Tottenham midfield persistently carved them open. It certainly differed from Celtic's defensive play, as it seemed unintelliglbe at times. 

The win was certainly needed for Tottenham, a game in Lazio may not be easy but it's a drawable game. After that comes Panathinaikos, anything but a win would be shocking against a side that are so lacking in every area. 

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