Tottenham Boss Andre Villas-Boas Backs Gareth Bale After Another Dubious Dive

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has backed star winger Gareth Bale following yet another yellow card for an unsporting dive during their 3-0 win over neighbors Fulham.

This came after the England International was booked for simulation against Liverpool recently, followed by yesterday's crumbling to the ground after a fair tackle by midfielder Steve Sidwell.

Replays suggest there was contact between the two players, leading Villas-Boas to claim the booking was unjust, thou Bale is starting to get a reputation for falling to ground at the mere suggestion of contact.

The Spurs boss reflects on the situation after the match, "Gareth is so fast so it is very difficult (for referees) to judge situations. He has suffered big, big injuries to his ankles before and sometimes he wants to protect himself a little bit. He might put his body in situations that the referee thinks that he is diving and he is suffering for it in these last two games.

"He is now very near suspension for two unfair yellow cards and I think you gain a reputation for being a diver unfairly sometimes. This player has suffered a lot in his career. It's a little bit harsh on him."

AVB will have cause for concern with Bale‚Äôs fitness too, with a nagging hamstring injury likely to keep him out for two weeks. 

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