In just over a week, the English Premier League will kick off and Tottenham is still trying to figure things out. So often manager's and clubs are criticized for spending so late in the transfer market, leaving Spurs fans wondering what is going on. What is Tottenham's plan for the up and coming season that is quickly sneaking up on them? 

The last time Tottenham managed to finish in the top three was back in the 1989-90 season when Gary Lineker was scoring goals for the 'Lilywhites'. For a Spurs fan, those days seem forever ago.

Luka Modric continues to be a headache for new manager Andre Villas-Boas, but Spurs are also not helping themselves on the purchasing end of things. At this point, it almost seems like a waiting game, with Real Madrid trying to under pay for the Croatian only to possibly pay the desired amount requested in the last days of the transfer market.

Spurs have stayed firm in their asking price of £40 million but Real Madrid continues an attempt to seal the deal at £30 million. The longer this drags out, the worst it becomes for AVB and his preparations for the new season. Not having your best player available and focused on what is to come is a massive blow for any team, let alone a new manager trying to implement his style and strategy.

A year ago when Modric was linked with Chelsea, then manager Harry Redknapp came to the defense of the Croatian stating that he was not one to cause problems.

"He's the last lad in the world that would ever cause a problem. He hasn't got it in him to be nasty, he's a nice lad. I've come across players who would want to go who would be a real problem, but that's not his nature. He is not a trouble-maker in any way shape or form."

Well it appears Harry was wrong... Or Modric already doesn't like AVB, or maybe Tottenham's future project isn't ambitious enough for him? That's a 'What Would RVP Say' moment.

It's been said that AVB has already confirmed a list of players who he does not plan on keeping for this season, yet he still hasn't made any 'noise' in the transfer window. Not counting the academy players brought into the squad, Tottenham currently has two strikers on their roster. Ironically, both Giovani Dos Santos and Jermaine Defoe have both been linked with moves away from White Hart Lane, yet they are all AVB has at his disposal.

So while players seem set to leave White Hart Lane, why are no players coming in? Are they strapped for cash and hoping to invest the money made on the Modric sale, if he moves?

Looking at everything from an outsiders perspective, it seems nearly improbable that AVB will be able to guide this Spurs team to anything above a 6th or 7th place finish as things stand right now. You have your best player almost begging to leave, while Adebayor is asking for an astronomical amount of money in wages.

A team that was considered to have played some of the best football last season is now in a shocking dilemma, just days away from the start of the season. A lack of players and adequate depth combined with new strategies is almost certainly destined to be a failure. Spurs fans will have to be patient with AVB or else the Portuguese manager could find himself out of a job mid-season once again. He won't be able to perform miracles given the circumstances and resources he is given.

All signs point to Tottenham losing Modric in a late stage of the transfer window, leaving them with very few options to fill the void left by the Croatian. That will lead to either over spending on a player who wont be as influential or they will choose to wait until January to re-invest the money. At this point, would Spurs fans prefer to just see Modric go, allowing them to spend some money on new talent and new players who would actually be willing to leave it all on the field? Having a player that isn't very interested in being at the club could only cause problems down the road, especially if things start to go south early in the season.

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