Now we know why the NFL season doesn’t end after Week 1.


-- My MVP, Joe Flacco, didn’t look nearly as lethal in Philadelphia as he did in his home stadium. And as good as my Comeback Player of the Year Peyton Manning looked against the Steelers, he looked that bad against the Falcons, who might not lose a game this year as long as they can get Michael Turner a taxi after them.


-- The Eagles are winning with smoke and mirrors, which, let’s face it, doesn’t matter as long as you win.


Their opponents this week, the Cardinals, are my surprise team of the year so far. With the most over-rated and under-rated quarterback in recent years, Arizona is 2-0 with the Patriots game out of the way.


-- The Giants must have thought the Buccaneers were going to play that last play like they were in the Pro Bowl.


Reality is, if the ball is fumbled, the Bucs are in field-goal range and if they score, Greg Schiano is a genius. There was nothing cheap about it and even my 5-year-old looked at the Bucs lining up and said, “Dad, they look serious.”


I wonder why Eli Manning couldn’t figure that out. He must have been dreaming about Deon Sanders fluttering by.


-- The biggest winners in the NFL last weekend were the striking refs. Unlike Week 1, when the mistakes weren’t any more out of the ordinary than any other week, last week it was just atrocious. Not necessarily the calls on the field, but how they were handled as the flag lay helplessly — much like the zebras themselves — while things were sorted out.


But the bottom line is the ratings were through the roof. Bad refs don’t change that. People still watch their teams and keep up with their fantasy rosters.


Here’s hoping the real refs are back sooner rather than later. And that the NFL starts checking out Facebook when doing background checks, at least in the Big Easy.


Would anyone be shocked if a replacement ref tried to fix a game? He could make more money for helping fix one game than he might make the rest of his non-NFL refereeing career. And probably enough to more than pay off whatever fine he would incur for doing so.


-- Question of Week 2: Will Jay Cutler get driven out of Chicago by the fans or his own teammates? Probably both.


-- Forget ESPN’s butt-kissing coverage, Tim Tebow is now an official crossword answer to the question: Noted kneeling NFLer.



-- Jerry Jones’ idea to do away with the kneel-down play would only mean that a running back would catch the snap in shotgun formation and sprint diagonally backwards for the sideline.


-- How’s the old saying go: You’re only as good as the company you keep. Unfortunately former millionaire Vince Young’s earliest NFL pal was none other than Adam “Pacman” Jones. Young’s money apparently is all chomped up.


-- Loss of the week goes to the sports world when Steve Sabol passed away.


Early in his career he accidentally parked in Vince Lombardi’s parking spot while in Green Bay to interview the legend. It ended up being the only mistake of Sabol’s career.


We can talk technology and social media all we want, but there might not have been anyone who had a greater impact on marketing the NFL than Sabol’s work with NFL Films. It came at a time when the NFL went from a sports league to THE sports league.


No father should outlive his son, but Ed Sabol can take solace that his son’s legacy, along with his work, will live on forever. Repeat that in John Facenda’s voice and I bet you get a chill.


OVERTIME: Rumor has it Bobby Valentine has already given his 30-day notice to his landlord. Landlord’s reply: “We had actually already rented your place out for October.”


-- The Orioles are the blueprint for what a team can do when playing for a manager they not only respect, but genuinely like.


-- The NHL players are locked out. If you missed it, it’s on page 42 of the sports section.


-- Michael Jordan has been named special advisor to the U.S. Ryder Cup team. How’s the song go: “You gotta know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.” I wonder if cigar smoke affects backswings and if Davis Love III will implement a later curfew for card games.


At least the event isn’t being held within driving distance of Las Vegas.


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