In part one we discussed how some pairs of fighters keep coming back for more. Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard were named the power couple aka Brangelina of the UFC(However, the name Grankie, or Ednard is more fitting).

Fighters don't come back to mess around, though. According to,Matt Hughes has won three out of six rematches, finishing all three. Dominic Cruz has won both of his do-overs. Anderson Silva has had two rematches in the UFC, devastating both men in the second round. Edgar is a rematch beast, having fought three epic rematches since April 2010, with one more on the way. With that draw, though, he is two out of three.

Overall, the top two re-runners are undoubtedly Chuck Liddell and Georges St-Pierre. The Iceman Liddell has won five out of six rematches while his lone kryptonite was Rampage Jackson. St.-Pierre has won five of five. But how do you weigh the two?

Liddell KO'd or TKO'd Jeremy Horn, Renato Sobral, Randy Couture (twice), and Tito Ortiz in rematches. St.-Pierre KO'd or TKO'd Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, Matt Serra, subbed Hughes, and won in a decision over Josh Koscheck.

I married into a family of rabid Chuck Liddell fans, or as they lovingly call him, just Chuck. They refer to him on a first name basis, like a family member. Several of us have shaved mohawks specifically for Liddell's fights. My brother-in-law owns a larger-than-life cardboard cutout of Chuck that has not only made appearances at fight night parties, but is often seated at the head of the table. Once I could have sworn I saw a circle of candles lit around it.

So they're going to kill me for this, but I have to give the current crown to St.-Pierre. Liddell has more emphatic wins, but his downfall is Jackson. Jackson hit him so hard that Liddell collapsed in three later fights, giving Rashad Evans, Shogun Rua, and Rich Franklin wins by knockout that can only logically be attributed to Jackson's single monolithic fist.

It was a night of deep despair at our house. There were tears from the youngest and oldest among us. Several family members went drinking and weren't seen for days. My brother brought Cardboard Chuck up to his room and just sat there in the dark for at least a week.

St-Pierre is the current rematch king, but that can all change. Once he gets back into action after his knee injury, he's going to have a lot of fighters looking for him and with such an extensive record, he's most likely going to have some tough rematches in his future.

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