UFC Welterweight Aftermath: Where To Next For Georges St. Pierre, Johny Hendricks And Nick Diaz?

With Georges St. Pierre over his injury doubts following an authoritative display against interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit at UFC 154, what’s next for the Canadian superstar with talks of a super fight with Anderson Silva in 2013 looming?

It’s not many top-line athletes that came back an ACL re-construction, but GSP is one such, who was still able to hit his famed double leg takedown with ease.  Not afraid to bring the fight to Condit either, and bar a flash knock-down in third round, GSP never looked like losing.

The win added some fire to speculation of a GSP vs Silva super fight, however the cards seem stacked in the favor of the bigger Brazilian. GSP has showed no interest in the fight at 185 pounds and has hinted that the only way he’d take the fight is if Silva was prepared to cut down to 170 pounds to challenge for his belt. Silva hasn’t fought at that weight since competing in Pride eight years ago. The 37 year-old is no spring chicken either and generally walks around at 220 pounds between fights.

A more interesting prospect for fans is undoubtedly a mega showdown between Silva and light heavyweight king-pin Jon Jones. Both fighters have put their string of challengers away with distain and would make for compelling viewing.

Back then to finding an opponent for GSP: Johny Hendricks has most definitely made a case for number one contender status at 170, following a string of devastating knock-outs of fancied opponents.

Being a former division one wrestling champion at Oklahoma State University, he may be the only fighter at the welterweight who can stop the devastating GSP takedown. Fights against the Canadian are won or lost in the take down, and it would be fascinating to see Hendricks try stop the freight train long enough to land his now infamous concrete mixer of a left hand, which has put Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann to sleep in recent outings.

St Pierre has always been perceived to have a suspect chin, and Hendricks poses a real threat with his wrestling pedigree and ever improving striking. In the Condit fight you always knew GSP had the ability to take him down at will, the same cannot be said for Hendricks.

Meanwhile, Nick Diaz, who is currently serving a suspension for a cannabis use prior to his last fight has already started to trash talk, with hopes of baiting GSP into a fight. One can’t see Diaz being able to stop the GSP takedown, and once again that’ll be a wrap as far as a contest is concerned. The Stockton bad boy has little to no chance in submitting GSP, even though is BJJ is highly rated under the tutelage of Cesar Gracie.

That’s what makes the Hendricks vs GSP fight more appealing as a contest. The Diaz fight would sell more PPV buys because of the raw appeal of Diaz who always brings it; thou that is just not going to be good enough against the reigning welterweight champion.

Diaz, coming off a loss to Condit himself has also asked to square off against Anderson Silva in his next fight. That’s a tad presumptuous considering he’s coming off a loss and suspension. Besides the fact that he’s got little chance in either fight, considering that his big wins came in Strikeforce against lesser opponents. It’s easier to look good against the likes of Scott Smith who couldn’t make it in the UFC, to beating a GOAT contender in GSP or Silva.

So to put a match-making had on, I’d pair GSP up against Hendricks, Bones Jones against The Spider and Diaz against the winner of BJ Penn vs Rory MacDonald.

One thing is for sure, at an estimated 700 000 PPV buys for UFC 154, Canada’s favorite sportsman can still pull a crowd.