Brian Urlacher is ready to start the season opener on September 9th versus the new look Indianapolis Colts is the good news for Bears' fans.

The bad news is what happens if he can't play in all 16 games, and possibly the playoffs?

Behind Urlacher on the depth chart is Dom DeCicco, who played in all 16 games last year for the Bears, mostly on special teams. Dom is currently battling a hamstring injury, which could limit his play on the field if Urlacher goes down. Third on the depth chart is Jabara Williams who only has two career tackles in the NFL.

The Bears have tried to transition outside linebacker Nick Roach to the middle linebacker position in Urlacher's absence, but Roach has to adjust to play calling and different assignments in Bears' Tampa 2 defense versus his outside linebacker position.

The positives for the Bears is that Roach gets all of  training camp and the entire preseason to be prepared to replace Urlacher if necessary, and the Bears also signed five year NFL veteran linebacker Xavier Adibi to a contract.

But the question remains, if Urlacher goes down, can Roach and company pick up the slack?

Lovie Smith and the Bears coaches sure hope so.