A Baltimore Ravens repeat?

Don't bet on it. Literally.

If the oddsmakers in Vegas have their way they won't even make the Super Bowl next season.

In fact they have the current champs listed as only the equal third in the whole AFC.

Once again, despite coming up short again, the favorites have been named as the New England Patriots (7-1). It just seems that as long as Tom Brady is still playing in Foxboro he and his team are the team to beat. At least according to the Vegas people. If they are right on these things they will be playing the San Francisco 49ers (8-1) in New York next February. These two will have beaten out the Denver Broncos (8-1) and Green Bay Packers (10-1) in their respective championship games.

It's pretty fair to say that those four should factor into things next January. 

Vegas seems to have played it fairly safe with the next group of teams.  The Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens are listed as 14-1 shots, again a fair assessment. For real gamblers the 18-1 New Orleans Saints seem to be a good place to put some money down, they will be hungry to exorcise all of last years demons. Likewise a decent amount of your hard earned money could be placed on the Seattle Seahawks, at 16-1 they are a very dangerous dark horse next season.

Heading into the middle of the pack and the Cincinnati Bengals (35-1) and Minnesota Vikings (40-1), alongside the Indianapolis Colts (40-1) are the lowest ranked teams from this years playoff set. Out of these three I can see the Bengals being a threat again but both Adrian Peterson and Andrew Luck will need more help from their teammates if they are to progress further in postseason play.

Sitting on the fence somewhat at this early stage is easy and so there are no less than six teams together at 50-1, this include the woeful Philadelphia Eagles, and the club their head coach left for, the Kansas City Chiefs. Could Andy Reid work wonders in the AFC and turn this sleeping club around?

Moving on to the long shots and it's no surprise to see the Jacksonville Jaguars dead last in the list, tipped at 125-1 alongside the Oakland Raiders. Only the most avid fan of those team will be backing them to be running out in the Met Life Stadium in the league's showpiece event. The same goes for the 100-1 Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans.

Breaking the odds down a bit more to find who will win each division. The AFC winners will be the Patriots, Broncos, Texans and Ravens. Whilst over in the NFC we crown the 49ers, Packers, Atlanta Falcons, and somewhat surprisingly the New York Giants are tipped to win the East.

If you are looking for a decent safe bet then go for the Broncos, they were the best team in the league last season and just need to get over that hump. With some decent free agent moves they will be the team to beat in the AFC, and are my personal favorite to win it all next year.

As a dark horse outsider look no further than the 30-1 Washington Redskins, their fresh energy was a joy to watch in 2012, and with all the experience they gained last term could well go all the way in 2013.

Of course at this early stage it's all a bit hit and miss and as we all know from the past few years the underdogs usually prevail, so we could be looking at a middle of the pack team to come through and shock everyone.

Dallas Cowboys, 30-1 anyone?