The media has spent much of it's time over the past month talking about how well Usain Bolt could transition into the NFL or Premier League soccer.

Last night, 20-year-old Brazilian wonderkid, Neymar whom many have compared to reigning FIFA Player of The Year Lionel Messi flashed a bit of his field goal kicking experience. Against Universidad de Chile, Neymar was awarded a penalty kick, which he subsequently blasted high enough over the bar that NFL teams should be blowing up his agent's phone today.

Keep in mind he slipped but still managed to put enough air on the ball to send it into the stands. If Billy Cundiff had kicked his final field goal of last season as accurately, the Baltimore Ravens might be Super Bowl champions.

However, Neymar probably wouldn't even consider it. Not because he's probably never played American football but because his earning potential is greater in international football.This season, Barcelona offered $71 million to lure Neymar to Spain during the transfer period.