Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored all four of Sweden’s goals over England in the 4-2 win on the opening night of the Friends Arena. His fourth goal was an astonishing over-head kick which left everyone open mouthed.

But was it the greatest goal ever?

If one is to compare great goals, one needs a yardstick to contrast each goal. For this instance we’ll use Wayne Rooney’s over-head kick against Manchester City. This was dubbed one of the greatest goals of all time and yet it was beaten by Neymar’s solo effort for the Puskas award for 2011. However if Rooney’s goal was outside of the box, it would have definitely beaten Neymar’s effort. As the Swede’s goal was amazingly outside the box, it automatically makes it one of the best goals of the 21st century.

If one thinks about it carefully, there aren’t many goals that can beat it. What makes a good goal? A goal that leaves you astonished. A goal that is unstoppable. A goal that you’ll never see again. Ibrahimovic’s was all of those and much, much more. Some of the greatest goals such as van Basten’s and Beckham’s (you know which ones!) slotted into the first two categories. However both goals have been emulated since. Which makes me think that Ibrahimovic’s might just be a whole lot better.

Of cause we are in the aftermath which automatically makes one think that it was better than it actually was. Not to mention that it was an open goal. But saying that, it takes so much away from the pure genius and extravagance of the goal.

I don’t think there has been a greater goal. But everyone has a different opinion. You may think van Basten’s will never be beaten. Or Carlos Alberto’s strike for Brazil was more beautiful. Or even Rooney’s over-head kick might mean more to you. Whatever you may think, Zlatan’s goal will go down in history.