Vince Young in Quarterback Limbo

When people think of Vince Young, people think of his legendary tenure at Texas. I like to remember what a lot of people around sports media overlook or seem to forget when mentioning quarterbacks in free agency and that is Vince Young's time as a starter in Tennessee in a organization that seemed to work against him. Lets look at the things that people and media really overlook around the league about Vince Young. 

When Vince Young was drafted third overall by the Titans, coach Jeff Fisher never wanted him or wanted anything to do with drafting him, the decision to draft VY was mainly due to the owner Bud Adams. Since Vince Young arrived at Tennessee Jeff Fisher always gave him hard time and never wanted to work with him and help his development. If you wonder how big development plays into rookie quarterbacks just take a look at what the Texans did with TJ Yates, and then look at situations where guys haven't develop well because of coaching but have lots of potential guys like Mark Sanchez, Jamarcus Russell and Matt Leinart. All those Quarterbacks had fantastic college careers but coming into the NFL the coaches never got along with their new rookies and really hurts their development. It takes time to properly develop a quarterback, you have to work with them, put pieces around them and come up with a system that fits their strengths. While Vince Young was at Tennessee there is one important statistic that is indisputable and that he is a winner. His win loss record as of now is 31-19 as a starter compare that to some starters in 2011 with Matt Cassel at 28-26, Rex Grossman at 25-21 and the list can go on but we will end it with Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in at 18-33. Vince Young just wins, people say the same thing about Tim Tebow when defending the worst passer of 2011 but Vince Young wins games better than Tebow, Vince runs smarter, more accurate passer, a bigger arm and just wins the game with prettier looking statistics than Tebow who will have a game of attempting just 7 passes the entire game. Before there was a guy named Cam Newton in the NFL Vince held the record by rushing touchdowns in a season by a rookie quarterback and also was one of the few rookie quarterbacks to be ever chosen to a Pro Bowl. In his first four seasons he amassed a 26-13 record and his .667 win percentage ranked best in Titan franchise history (which includes all the Houston Oiler records) and fourth best among quarterbacks drafted between 2000-2009 coming behind Roethlisberger, Rivers and of course Tom Brady. He is a two time Pro Bowler and a NFL Rookie of the Year, two things Tebow has never done.  

Vince Young and Jeff Fisher clearly never got along and that really hurts early development. In the 2008 season, Vince injured his knee in the beginning of the season and was expected to just miss two to three weeks and after Vince recovered Jeff fisher never let him start for the rest of the season. At the start of the 2009 season Jeff Fisher said Kerry Collins would go in as the starter and Vince would have to "earn his job back". Well after the Titans went 0-6 to start the season Bud adams was furious with Jeff Fisher and demanded to start Vince Young, Vince went on to set a NFL record by winning the next five in a row after starting 0-6, something that is still yet to be done again. Jeff Fisher went on to say 'im still in Kerry Collins's corner, the record was a reflection of team play'. Vince went the rest of the season winning 8 of his 10 starts. After next season Vince Young was let go and Jeff Fisher was fired.  

When Vince Young was picked up by the Eagles for the 2011 season it was a smart move because his playing style is similar to Vick. Vick can never finish a season to save his life due to his smaller size and run style so Vince was brought in just in case. Vince Young's first start was against the same active New York Giants roster that went on to win the Super Bowl, and Vince Young went on to lead the Eagles to a victory against the future Super Bowl Champions and today Vince remains undefeated 5-0 against the Giants. During the same season Mike Vick faced the Giants earlier and still could not pull off a win at Philly while Vince had to do it on the road at NY. Vick lost against the Giants and which was part of a Vick lead Eagles 4 losses in a row.  

 Heading into the 2012 season there are many teams that need a quarterback, the Eagles can't afford Vince Young to just come off the bench so he will not be resigned. Some teams that need a quarterback are teams that do not have real money tied up in a starting quarterback so the starter job is still up for grabs. Those teams being the Airizona Cardinals who resigned Kevin Kolb's bonus but not serious money which shows they are not sold on him and wil be looking to bring in another vet to comepete with the job. Same goes with the Miami Dolphins who have always had trouble at the position and with the recent signing of David Garrard who did not play a snap last year with any team shows they are desperate and showing the job is up for grabs. Also the San Fransisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks who both signed their starters in Alex Smith and Matt Flynn to the same three year deals which shows they are not confiedent in the postion so they did not tie up serious money. Although Fylnn's was a little more than expected for his small sample size. 

Vince has the potential, his size and speed is great combination to avoid injury, he can run with the best of them and throw with the best of them, he is pretty clutch and knows how to win. As much as i want him in Houston Schaub is a great quarterback for our offense and I do think Vince would flourish in his hometown i would rather him go somewhere where he is a starter and in a perfect world i would love for him to be offered a contract to come compete with Schaub who is in the last year of his contract and compete in training camp to settle the debate amongst Houston fans once and for all. You know my take, im a big Vince Young supporter, he just needs to be in a organization that supports him and to a fan base that will support him.

Whoever gets Vince Young is getting a great experienced quarterback who has played in the playoffs and on the biggest college stages, and just knows how to win and is hungry to comeback and prove himself, don't be surprised if Vince wins Comeback Player of the Year, all he needs is a team and a chance.   

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