Wayne Rooney Got His First Bonus from Gascoigne

Wayne Rooney got his first bonus when he was just 16, and that too from none other than Paul Gascoigne.

The Manchester United striker unleashed this story in his upcoming book "My Decade in the Premier League", which is to be published by Harper Sport on 13th Sept.

Rooney, who is out for a month because of a severe thigh injury writes, how he was amazed with Gascoigne.

"When I was a youth team player at Everton I used to see Paul Gascoigne all the time," he reveals.

"I loved watching him around the training ground. He was loud, always up to something.

"I was 16, sitting in the dressing room before a youth team game. Gazza came in. 'Alright lads,' he goes. 'Any of you lot going out tonight?' Everyone looked at one -another. 

"Everyone was thinking the same thing: What's he up to? 

"In the end, I had to say something. 'Yeah, I am.' Gazza got out his wallet and handed me two £20 notes.

"He said, 'Here you go pal. Have a nice night on me.' I looked down at the money. 

"None of the other lads could believe it - I'd just got a pay bonus off one of the greatest English midfielders ever."