As Arsenal look set to finish their eighth consecutive season without silver-ware, many Arsenal fans are beginning to become frustrated by the lack of success. Arsene Wenger took the rains at Arsenal FC in 1996 and enjoyed a number of years of success, the biggest of course was Arsenal's unbeaten season (2003/4). The last trophy won by the Gunners was the FA Cup in 2005 - at which point they lost star player Patrick Viera. 

Looking back on eight years of mediocrity, Arsenal have stuggled to stay in the top 4 at many points over the period, and after 8 years the question has to be raised as to why the Frenchman still holds his job. No other club in England would have allowed this fruitless period to continue for so long, take Chelsea for example - abramovich pulls the trigger on even successful managers. 

The answer, lies in a direct quote from "Renowned as a true footballing innovator both stylistically and behind the scenes - to the latter end, he played a big part in the conception and design of Emirates Stadium and the Training Ground - Arsène has stamped his own brand of attacking football on the Club, one that is now acknowledged worldwide as being synonymous with the Gunners’ name" 

The reason is respect. Everyone - the board, the players and even  the board have too much respect for Wenger to give him the boot, and the respect is well deserved, the Gunners skipper is a great manager but his style is getting old. Relying too much on previously successful tactics and styles, the 63-year-old is reluctant to change his strategies, so maybe it's time for Arsenal to change their manager?

Despite the board saying Wenger will see out his contract, it is a possibility that that will be too late and that respect for the London side will have fallen beyond repair. 

As Arsenal begin to turn the after-burners on in a last-gasp attempt at reaching top-four in the Premier League, what do you think should be Arsenal's next move?