Wesley Sneijder Transfer Rumors And Speculation: Will Serie A Midfielder Man. U, Man. City, Chelsea or Tottenham?

Internazionale’s Wesley Sneijder imminent exit brings, of course, various speculations about a possible transfer to the Premier League. The 28 years old midfielder is no longer sought by top clubs as a few years ago, but despite the rejection, would he fit in the best clubs of the Premier League ? Let us make an analysis on the hypothetical transfer of the player to one of the EPL top-4, Sneijder’s big interest at the moment.

Naturally, the Dutchman does not fit into the English 4-4-2 system. Clubs that keep this tactical formation (such as Tottenham) would have to adjust to the midfielder’s game plan. After all, Sneijder does not have the speed to play as a winger and is not willful in the markup as a traditional box-to-box should be.  Sneijder could be the cherry on the cake of Villas Boas to prove themselves as a strong team to compete for the Premier League title. But for this, the Portuguese coach would need a new way to build the team.

A replacement for Frank Lampard is all that Chelsea should seek for now, and Sneijder may well make this function. The Dutchman could also add some experience for the blues midfield, which now has young players like Mata, Oscar, Moses and Hazard. Let's say that a lack of patience from Abramovich could also influence a possible transfer. If it is too early to sack Benítez, perhaps the Russian intends to solve the problems of the club buying stars. And they probably will not see another world-class player so easy to be signed. 

I would say that there is no place for Sneijder at Manchester City. The team has several players who can be considered playmakers, especially with their excess of good strikers. But we cannot doubt the ambitions of Roberto Mancini and Sheik Mansour to try one last shot at the Premier League. If money is not a problem for the club, Sneijder could be a valid option. A bit unnecessary, just like some Manchester City’s signings, but still worth a try.

Manchester United, on the other hand, suffers from a lack of creativity in midfield. With older players like Giggs and Scholes as early as end of career, the team suffers from slow adaptation of Kagawa, appointed to fill the same role that Sneijder would take. However, last year the Red Devils came close to signing the Dutchman, but the negotiations got stuck when Sneijder insisted in asking higher wages than the greatest star of the club, Wayne Rooney. That meant the end of the chances of a move to Old Trafford. Manchester United went ahead while Sneijder keeps in the same point of his career. He should no longer be in Sir Alex Ferguson’s mind.

The truth is that while asking astronomical values for Galatasaray, the player has been awaiting a bid from one of these four clubs in the Premier League. He wants to play the EPL and want to live in England. When a player is the one who is looking for a club, you can bet that something is wrong. But we know he still has the potential to play world class football for at least five more years. Sneijder just needs someone to pay his high wages and keep him pleased at the club.

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