In the wake of the news that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will be captaining England on Friday evening, has caused some mixed opinions amongst supporters and rightly so. Rooney hasn't exactly been short of controversial situations in his time, along with his seemingly short temper and bad attitude. Does he really have the right tendancies to make a good captain for his country? Even though his form has been stuttering of late, I still believe he will make a good captain and this will also turn his own career around.

England are preparing to take on one of the candidates for the worst football nation in the world, San Marino, in a World Cup Qualifier. Manager Roy Hodgson wants a cricket score, and lets be honest, it should be a breeze. It's the ideal opportunity for Rooney to take the reigns of the three lions and lead the way to an emphatic victory.

Giving players the captains armband automatically gives them a new sense of importance, before that, you are just one of the squad, but when you wear the armband you become the leader, the pinnacle of the team, expectations rise and pressures grow. Poeple with big personalities in the game such as Rooney, this will have the desired affect. 

Rooney is a very passionate old fashioned football player, he grows frustrated with himself when he is not performing and he is his biggest critic. When you have the personality of a player like Rooney, mix that with becoming captain, you are left with a winning formula. Tonight you will see Wayne Rooney mature, you will see him grow in respect, you will see a calm person who is ready to lead his side to victory, you will see a gentlemen take the pitch to do a job. All the qualities you will not be used to reading about Wayne Rooney. 

I believe some players hit a brick wall in their career, some will use this point to move clubs, but Rooney is a Red Devil and he wouldn't leave Manchester. So some players need another focus to aim for in an attempt to re-start their careers. In Rooney's case, his focus will be being handed the captains armband, this will be the kick start he needs and I believe that starting from tonight, you will see this particular player regain his form and become the world class striker that he knows he can be. Along with the armband, he will be handed back his confidence, his desire and his passion for the game, this in turn will allow Rooney to get back to his top form once again.