Only Notre Dame could come close to out-dueling the NFL's opening weekend in terms of media attention. Why? Despite the recent downfall of the football program, Notre Dame is about as out-of-style as the iPhone 5.

The deal the ACC made with Notre Dame in terms of its football participation is like the pretty girl telling you she'll be happy to go out with you, but only on Wednesday nights and only if you pay for everything on her weekend dates.

The ACC football programs should be thrilled. They'll get the Irish payday every so often without ever having to fear them taking the conference title. (Even though, right now they probably couldn't come close.)

The hoops teams get to annually play at the Dean Smith Center and Cameron Indoor Stadium, with the women having much more of a chance to win than the men based on recent history.

Perhaps the most anticipated games won't involve a pigskin or backboards, but instead long sticks with netting on the end of them.

The only thing left to debate is whether it's pronounced "Noter" or "Notra."

And let there be no debate about one fact -- the academic fit of Notre Dame in the ACC was an afterthought. If it was ever even thought about.

OVERTIME: Jim Calhoun retired having done just about everything you can do as a college basketball coach ... except make sure his team lived up to the academic standards of the NCAA. And yet we celebrate his career ... and wonder why the NCAA has problems.

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