Yesterday the FA announced that there would be no further action taken against Rio Ferdinand for his off the ball incident with Torres in the FA Cup quarter-final on Sunday. This incident came after Ferdinand escaped punishment for his sarcastic clapping at the end of the Champions League game on Tuesday. Whilst the incident may not appear to be much, it has to be said that what Ferdinand did was completely unprovoked by Torres & he even had the cheek to have a go at Torres when he fell over. Nice on Rio.

ITV picked up on the incident moments after it happened, and the commentators said how it was a bit naughty. So after this, you’d expect that there would be some sort of punishment for his actions, with the evidence being clear for all to see of Ferdinand’s wrongdoing? No. Despite the FA having clear evidence of the incident, no action was taken. It was stated that Howard Webb didn’t deem the incident to be worthy of a red card, and therefore no ban would have to be applied. Yet when John Terry did something very similar in the Nou Camp in the UCL semi-finals last year, it was a straight red card, an extended ban from UEFA and it led to every opposing fan calling JT a thug. No consistency. 

One of the most frustrating things about the modern day football is the lack of consistency that we see not only on the pitch, but off the pitch with certain decisions. I remember Ivanovic got a 3 game ban late last season for something very similar. Now I agree that this was a red card if the referee had seen it, and the FA rightly gave Ivanovic a 3 game ban. Yet when it comes to Manchester United, who in the past have got their very fair share of decisions, their players can seemingly do whatever they want. It isn’t just the Ferdinand incident where a United player has got away with it. A few years ago Rooney clearly elbowed a Wigan player off the ball and yet he got no ban. You can see why people call it in the Fergie Association.

The fact remains that the press, referees and it seems the whole general footballing world are scared of Sir Alex Ferguson. Why? Because they know that if they put a foot wrong, they’ll have to deal with him & his very short temper. For example with the press, 2 newspapers posted stories about Rooney’s relationship with SAF and Fergie went on to ban these papers from news conferences until they apologised. All a bit precious for me. You’re a football manager, do you really expect journalists to write trustworthy stories every day of the week? Of course not. 

Have you noticed how the press never seem to write a bad word about the Manchester United, a club who can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of journalists across the country. This is because they know that if they do, they’ll be banned just as Fergie did to those 2 newspapers, and they’ll miss out on covering the latest stories of one of the biggest football clubs in the world. Scare mongering tactics from SAF, nothing more, nothing less. But when it comes to a club like Chelsea it seems as if it’s a club who can do no right and every action that the club does is wrong in every single way.

Now Chelsea are a club who have a lot of problems, which range from the top, right down to the bottom. Those are facts. But if you look to find praise of the anything that the club does off the pitch, you’d be looking for quite a while, that’s just the way it is. Manchester United are the darlings of English football, loved by all the press and hated by fans of every other club. That’s what happens when you have journalists who are mostly Northern based, who can’t find a bad word to say about the club. 

A classic example of this is with the whole Ryan Giggs fiasco. It was discovered that Ryan Giggs, this veteran of the Premier League, a man with more PL medals than anyone else and seemingly a legend for Manchester United, had cheated on his wife for years. Now you may say at first, everyone makes mistakes in life & some women would be forgiving of this. But then you discover that it was with his BROTHER’S WIFE for a number of years, as well as with ‘celebrity’ Imogen Thomas. Now this story was the bunt of many jokes for a few weeks, but then the story was faded out, and people have now gone back to the Ryan Giggs fan club, and a man who is a true role model. Right. 

Then you have John Terry, a man who’s been covered in controversy for his whole career, with a lot of it being unfair. He was accused of cheating on his wife with this team mates EX-GIRLFRIEND for a few months, and everybody accepted this as fact. However what you didn’t hear was that the story was complete lies and completely unfounded. We also have the racism trial which Terry was deemed NOT GUILTY of, and yet still people call him a racist and a thug. Why? Because he plays for Chelsea Football Club. If he was a United player, the press wouldn’t dare say a bad word about the player. This is not opinion based, this is reality.

As fans of any other club but Manchester United, you just have to accept that this is the way the media operates, with its agendas and love-in for everything United. This isn’t likely to change until SAF leaves the manager’s position, which may be for quite a few years. But if you ask yourself, are you shocked that Ferdinand didn’t have any action taken against him, I think you’d say no. I guess that’s one of the benefits of having David Gill, the Manchester United employee, on the board of the FA. The days of a level playing field in terms of fairness with decisions, on & off the field, will have to wait. 

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