Last season, the Sacramento Kings finished last in the Pacific division for the fourth straight year. Last season also marked the fifth year in a row without a playoff spot after making the postseason for eight consecutive years. In the offseason, the Kings had another lottery pick and drafted First Team All-American Thomas Robinson out of Kansas.

          Robinson is not the only key addition to this young Kings 2012-2013 roster. After playing basketball overseas last year during the shortened NBA season, Aaron Brooks decided to sign with the Kings and will fill the role of the starting point guard spot in which the Kings have problems.

The Kings finished 26th overall last season in assists, so signing Brooks wasn’t a bad idea as the Kings will now have two quality point guards in Isaiah Thomas and Aaron Brooks. Last season, when Thomas was on the bench, Jimmer Fredette played the point and the Kings really struggled at that point in the game because Jimmer didn’t have good ball handling and passing abilities.

        With Robinson and Brooks joining the team, the Kings will be even more effective on offense than they were last season. Last season, besides the lack of assists coming from the point guard position,  the Kings played exceptionally well scoring 98.8 points per game which ranked them 6th in the NBA. Four out of the five teams that scored more than them all made it into the playoffs. So what is stopping the Kings?

          Point differential was a huge factor last year which put the Kings at their 22 and 44 record. You couldn't ask for a much better offensive performance than the Kings had last year, however they needed to score about six points more every game to win. The Kings had the worst defense in the NBA last season giving up 104 points per game which is not going to win you very many games. If the Kings had the 2nd worst defense which was giving up 101 points per game, maybe they woukd have won five or six more games but still not good enough for a winning record.

          Sacramento didn't add a great defensive player to their roster this season so the Kings need to score 100 plus points every single game to have a chance at making the playoffs. Even then it isn't a gurantee because their defense will still probably give up 100+ points this season. With the offense getting better and the defensive side staying the same for the most part, the Kings have a chance to get around 38 to 41 wins this season.

          Will they make the playoffs?

          No, the Kings will most likley miss out on the playoffs again but will be in playoff contention until March or April until their youth gets to them. The Kings will be close to the .500 mark this season, which isn't good enough to secure a spot on the West. If the Kings were in the East, it is safe to say they would be fighting for the eight seed in the last week of the season.

          Look for Sacramento to come out the gates strong this season and miss the playoffs. Get another lottery pick and continue to build this roster. In two more years, maybe the Kings will get back into the playoffs, but not this season.