The United States were the clear favorites heading into their away leg with Jamaica last Friday. The US left Kingston with a look of shock and disbelief as Jamaica took a 2-1 win over the US in their World Cup Qualifier last Friday.

This encounter has much more meaning than a World Cup Qualifying match against the current group leader. On home soil in Columbus, Ohio, they will represent their nation on a day where tragedy struck a mere eleven years ago. They will hone this inspiration to aid them in defeating Jamaica, but the visitors will not lay down lightly.

Jamaica is a young and confident group of players. Not intimidated by the US four days ago, why should they now? Coming off that win four days ago, they will come out swinging and the US better be prepared for a dog fight.

Coach of the US National team, Jurgen Klinsmann, guarantees a win against Jamaica tonight.

"No, we won't [lose]," Jurgen Klinsmann said yesterday. "Don't worry."

Now is the time to begin worrying, if the US do in fact lose to Jamaica again. The rest of their games, where they will take on Guatemala and Antigua & Barbuda will turn into must win games if they want to make it to the next round.

Even with their setback to Jamaica, the US currently sits second in their group, with just three more games left to play before the next stage in qualifying, so every game is crucial. Tonight will be a very interesting match to watch, as number one and number two in group A square off in Columbus, Ohio.