Swedish International striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored on of the best goals of all time in the 4-2 win against England at the newly opened Friends Arena.

The Swedish side had gone two-one down but following a phenomenal display in which the talismanic striker scored four, Sweden won the game. 

The decesive goal was a thing of beauty. A stunning bicycle kick over the head of the hopeless Joe Hart who had strayed from his penalty area to head away a long ball.

Ibrahimovic managed to turn his body into a position which seemed impossible to score but he somehow managed to score arguably a perfect goal.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo described the goal as 'fantastic' whilst English newspaper The Daily Telegraph called it 'The Goal of the Century'.

Another footballing legend Zinadine Zidane called Ibrahimovic 'an extraordinary player' saying his performance was 'magnificiant'.

The highest praise of the goal came from Swedish National Team coach Erik Hamren who described it as simply 'The Best Goal Ever'