With Non-Farm Payrolls behind us and a fresh USD rally on the way, we're looking forward to a busy economic release schedule. We're expecting the dollar to continue its rally, first to the 1.18 level, then possibly as low as 1.15. We're also paying close attention to Central Banks possibly intervening in the market if price action gets ahead of itself. I hope everyone was able to take advantage of our analysis last week when the dollar started breaking through some of the important support and resistance levels (the 1.2150/30 level on the EUR/USD and the 1.40 on the EUR/CHF). We'll be hosting 6 trading sessions this week, mostly concentrating on the latter part of the week.

If you'd like a more detailed analysis with potential trade opportunities during our live trading session, please join us in the member's area. Please visit us at www.spoteuro.com