Spotify has attempted to steal a bit of the spotlight back from new competitor Google Play Music All Access by launching its own charts. We have embedded the new widget from the Stockholm, Sweden-based streaming service. 

The Spotify Top Tracks widget includes the 50 songs users streamed most in the past week, or the "Spotify 50," as well as the Social 50: the tracks most shared across social media. Users can easily view the chart’s history by arrowing backwards to see what was hot in weeks past. A look at what is most popular in different countries is as easy as clicking the flag in the top right corner of the widget, dropping down and viewing the country.

Spotify will update Top Tracks every Monday at 12 p.m., according to The Verge. You can read the lowdown on how Spotify compares to Google's new "All Access" program for Google Play Music in our full breakdown.

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