Incorporated in 2006, Spring Creek Capital Corporation is a Business Development Company under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Their corporate focus is on portfolio investments in companies developing innovative solutions for the healthcare market. Spring Creek Capital’s business model is to locate, invest in, and provide management assistance to small public and private companies to enable those companies to undertake their own business plans and models.

The Company looks for investment in companies operating in a broad category of markets and business segments. These include alternative energy markets as well as medical devices and related markets. Spring Creek Capital intends to invest in companies in emerging markets and industries.

On July 21, 2009, Spring Creek Capital Corporation announced that Stratis Healthcare, Inc., a portfolio investment company of Spring Creek, entered into an agreement with TheraBiogen, Inc. This agreement is to provide inventory, distribution, and logistics services for the distribution of TheraBiogen’s TheraMax™ products to major U.S. retailers.

Stratis Healthcare, Inc. engages in the business of providing end-to-end logistics services for small to mid-size medical product manufacturers. Stratis utilizes strategic partnerships to warehouse, provides inventory control and monitoring, and distributes products worldwide. Their market niche is in providing market specific knowledge for the storage, handling, and distribution of medical products.