When do you think Spring is coming? Maybe it's the time when you start to see vivid colors on the streets. But the color of Spring has already touched the shoes of 2011 as many designers participating in Paris and New York Spring/Summer 2011 Collection showed off Kill Heel and Wedges. 


Sensual shoes, Strap sandal 

The Ancient Romans wore sandals (sandalia) as indoor footwear. They put the soles under their feet and to attach them firmly, they tied long strings around their feet and legs. Last year, fashion designers were inspired by Gladiator-style shoes and it soon became popular among fashion lovers. But this year's strap sandal must be different. It should be soft and sensual. 
In this regard, strap shoes from Diego Dolcini is fantastic. They have diverse style of strap shoes from white and shiny grey to vivid color. 


Into the nature, Wedge heels 

Nobody thought that wedge heels would become trendy but these days celebrities are into it. Wedge heels were invented by the italian shoe designer Ferragamo in 1936. Over time, wedge heels were made from cork and wood, instead of just leather. However, don't dismiss them as summer shoes because they look great with daisy duke style short shorts and skirts and gets one in the Spring mood. 


Lace and Flower 

Lace and flowers are great accessories for Spring. They are not traditional lace or flower pattern, but are a bit transformed. You won't recognize if it's a floral pattern or a leopard print. But anyways, they are very splendid and vivid.