Sprint and HTC today announced the HTC Evo 3D, a dual-core smartphone equipped with a 3D screen.

The 4.3-inch, dual-core EVO 3D is the latest smartphone capable of 3D visuals, allowing for both 3D video recording and playback. 

The EVO 3D will also be the first 3D phone will Blockbuster's On Demand mobile App pre-installed. Wide the app, the EVO 3D will avoid one the major concerns surrounding 3D devices - the lack of content to play on them.

Early hands-on reviews of the device have noted that while its visuals are impressive, the device suffers from very narrow viewing angles. This causes the 3D image to quickly fluctuate in and out of focus as users make even slight movements.

Fortunately, as with Nintendo's 3DS, HTC has installed a switch on the EVO 3D that enables users to switch off the 3D visuals.

3D, formerly confined to television and movie screens, has been making a jump to portables in recent months. Nintendo gave the technology its portable console baptism with the 3DS, released last month in Japan.

Cell phone manufacturers have also taken notice. In addition to HTC, Sharp and LG have also slapped 3D functionality on their devices.  HTC

Sprint said that the Evo 3D would see a summer release but did not specify an exact date for the device's availability.