U.S. carrier Sprint has come up with a revolutionary plan for the Apple iPhone enthusiasts, allowing customers to get the latest iPhone for free, followed by a $22 per month payment.

Every time Apple launches a new iPhone, Sprint customers will be able to make use of this new plan and get the device with no additional cost. It is worth noting that, customers need not have to trade-in their old iPhone to avail this plan, GSM Arena reported.

In addition, Sprint has also detailed a limited time promotional offer on the iPhones, where the $22 monthly payment gets reduced to just $15, until the next upgrade. However, to make use of this plan, “upgrade eligible” Sprint customers have to join the “iPhone Forever” scheme prior to Dec. 31.

Furthermore, interested parties that would like to switch to Sprint from any other carrier can also avail this offer. However, customers have to trade in any smartphone to get the promotional $15 monthly plan. Eventually, the price will be shifted back to $22 once the customer upgrades to the first new iPhone in 2016.

In case a Sprint customer gets the 16 GB version of Apple iPhone 6, during the planned upgrade in the near future, the customer will be able to avail only the base model i.e. 16 GB, GSM Arena reported.

In the current day scenario, the Apple iPhone 6S release date is getting closer and therefore, Sprint customers can avail the 16 GB version of the iPhone 6S under the iPhone Forever plan, when it gets released.

Also, it is worth mentioning that, the amount does not include the price of the service/data plan. According to Sprint, the iPhone Forever plan will apparently work with the available individual unlimited plans and family pack plans as well.