Amid all the hype for the “Final Fantasy VII” remake, some gamers may have forgotten that Square Enix announced another “Final Fantasy” game called “World of Final Fantasy.” While the hype for the remake hasn’t gone away, Square Enix has decided to share a few details about “World of Final Fantasy,” including aspects of its battle system.

The so-called “nose nose system” allows the two party members seen in the trailer -- and any monster they catch -- to pile on top of each other to unleash some devastating combos. Up to three party members can pile on each other, according to Kotaku, and doing so will make the three members share a health bar and mana bar, making the party tougher to beat.

Enemies will be able to use the “nose nose system” as well, making them very hard to beat. Although players can break up these formations, enemies will be able to do the same to the players, adding plenty of strategy to the combat.

According to Siliconera, the battle system is inspired by the Active Time Battles (ATBs) from the older “Final Fantasy” games that originally came out for the Super Famicom. This was apparently done so that players who aren’t familiar with the “Final Fantasy” franchise would be able to use the battle system.

In a unique move, the characters can transform from their regular selves into adorable chibi forms. While the move is cute, it also has a purpose, as it lets the lead characters ride their bigger monsters in chibi form and have smaller monsters on top of their heads in their normal forms. Either way, it’s a system that will have fans laughing at the cuteness factor of the game.

Making things even cuter is the addition of chibi characters from older “Final Fantasy” games, like "Cloud Strife" and the "Warrior of Light." The world these characters inhabit is different from their original worlds, as they’re always in their chibi forms.

“World of Final Fantasy” will be coming to Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita sometime in early 2016. There's no news yet if it will eventually reach other consoles.

PlayStation E3 2015 Moment: World of Final Fantasy | PS4, PS Vita (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)