Square Enix has unleashed a number of screenshots for the company’s upcoming “World of Final Fantasy” title, a new all-ages roleplaying game (RPG) that will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita next year. The screen shots shown continue to emphasize the whimsical nature that the developer is going for, while also showcasing the adorable chibi versions of the characters.

Siliconera also revealed more information on the game’s story, along with the new images of the game. Basically, a mysterious woman, named Ena Kuro, appeared to protagonists Reyn and Lann who have lost their memories. The woman then invites them to the world of Grymoire where adventure -- and maybe even their memories -- awaits them.

The game’s protagonists end up in Cornelia, a town last seen in the very first “Final Fantasy” game. In this town, players will meet characters like the “Warrior of Light” and Princess Sarah, both of whom appear in their chibi form for some reason.

This will be a recurring theme in the game, as Lightning from “Final Fantasy XIII” also appears in the game and in chibi form. This is somewhat amusing as Lightning is one of the more serious characters in the series, and seeing her cute and small should provide for some laughs.

According to Techno Buffalo, the screenshots also give players their first glimpse of classic “Final Fantasy” monsters like Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh. Like in the earlier “Final Fantasy” games, they will appear as summons to help the player out, usually after the player beats them.

Other classic monsters in the game include Chocobos, Moogles and Black Mages among other things. Its becoming clearer with each preview that “World of Final Fantasy” is not only a return to form, but is also a tribute to the older “Final Fantasy” games.

Unfortunately, one thing the screenshots didn’t come with is a proper release date for the all-ages RPG. The game continues to be advertised with a vague 2016 release date. As the year is ending, perhaps developer Square Enix will reveal the proper release date of the game early next year, though fans will have to wait for quite a while.

World of Final Fantasy - TGS 2015 Trailer | PS4, PS Vita (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)