STAAR Surgical, – the 25-year veteran eye surgery specialists and developers of revolutionary minimally invasive technologies like the Visian ICL™ (Implantable Collamer® Lens), which has seen some 200k implants to date, reported that phase two of the Company’s direct-to-consumer advertising campaign was successfully launched today.

This engaging new phase of the campaign will consist of three distinct components, movie theatres, cable television and network television, utilizing five new commercials which demonstrate the significant benefits of Visian ICL over competing, outdated technologies like contacts or glasses.

These spots will follow the same theme explored in phase one, featuring humorous deadpan with two actors, one playing the part of Visian ICL and one playing an outdated technology like glasses or contacts, eloquently highlighting the inferiorities of Visian ICL’s competitors.

President and CEO of STAA, Barry G. Caldwell, envisions great success for the second phase of the campaign, citing the bountiful positive feedback from customers in the first phase and the adaptation to concepts which resonated deepest with surgeons and potential patients.

Caldwell projected even more ground would be covered in this direction during phase two, resulting in an even more finely tuned approach as the Company expands into additional key markets.

These new commercial spots will debut tomorrow in major markets before theatre goers in Century City (CA), Phoenix, and Houston. Full showcasing via in-lobby promotions and brochures directing consumers to additional information will accompany the pre-film commercial and the Company has ingeniously partnered with key Visian ICL surgeons in targeted markets to offer a $1k discount on procedures booked through the promotions.

The brochures will direct customers to a site where they can register and print a coupon for the discount and also view any of the five commercials, – this process will also generate extremely valuable localization data, allowing for highly targeted commercial analysis of the investment.

Leading Los Angeles refractive surgeon Dr. Paul Dougherty, who is also recognized across the US as a top man in the ICL surgical field, will air the Visian ICL spots on cable television, inviting viewers to get to know this technology which has become so vital to his own practice.

Dr. Dougherty is a strong proponent of the Visian ICL technology and offers it to all clinically eligible patients, making him a perfect candidate to be the face of the cable television component which will begin airing this April and run for four months.

It is clear to see why the first phase generated so much buzz when one looks more closely at the truly ingenious technologies that go into the Visian ICL product.

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