Pregnant at seven months, with a very obvious baby bump, British Singer Stacy Solomon and second time mother-to-be still smokes!

The singer, who is embarrassed to smoke openly, was apparently caught puffing away at four cigarettes in just two hours, reported the Daily Mail.

It seems the 22-year-old's doctor has told her that it is OK to smoke rather than give up completely, which can cause more harm to her body at the moment.

I know it doesn't look good but I only have a few cigs a day, she was quoted as saying by The People.

Solomon was taking a break from a photoshoot in Fulham, south west London, when she was caught blowing away the smoke.

Stacey has been smoking one or two cigarettes a day but she is desperately trying to quit and she is very embarrassed about it all. She's going to be trying electronic cigarettes and she knows it's bad but the stress of having a baby and all her work commitments have been difficult, her publicist Max Clifford was quoted as saying by Mail Online.

Solomon had her first child, Zachary, at the age of 18 with ex-boyfriend Dean Cox. The Queen of the Jungle broke up with Cox shortly before Zachary was born.

She is pregnant currently with her longtime boyfriend, Aaron Barham. Barham and Solomon got engaged in December 2011.