Stacy Francis, former X Factor contestant, took to her Twitter to express regret over a fight she got into with Whitney Houston just two days before the superstar died. The spat between the two ladies was reportedly over singer Ray J.

According to RadarOnline, after taking the stage at Tru Hollywood for an impromptu performance on the night of Feb. 9, Houston found singer and on-again-off-again boyfriend Ray J talking to Francis. The 48-year-old supposedly became irate over the fact that Ray J was talking to another woman.

She ran over to them and began screaming, 'This is my man! I'm a cougar! B----, get away from my man,' a source told RadarOnline. Ray J tried to calm Houston down, telling her that Francis was a longtime family friend, but Houston reportedly continued screaming. 

The other artists in the area tried to surround them so that people wouldn't begin coming into the area where they were and taking photos or video, the source explained. The Sun reported that Houston looked worse for wear that night. She was photographed with what appeared to have been blood dripping down her leg and a long scratch on her wrist.  

After news of Whitney Houston's untimely death, Francis tweeted her deep regret over the misunderstanding.

This is a sad time for me. I loved Whitney Houston with all my heart. She was such an amazing musical influence for me, Francis wrote on Sunday. I deeply regret the events that led to Thursday's misunderstanding, but I respect and love her more than I can say.

Whitney maintained a genuineness in this difficult profession and I will always admire and respect the courage that she lived.

At this painful time, I would like to express my support and most sincere condolences to Whitney's family in learning of her sudden death. I will always remember her to be a deeply humane person and wish her spirit to rest in peace, she concluded.  

Sources told RadarOnline that Houston was drinking tequila the entire night and appeared to be highly intoxicated, which may have aggravated the situation with Francis.

Though photos of Ray J and Whitney Houston surfaced weeks prior to the singer's death and prompted many to believe a romantic rekindling was in the works, Ray J denied any sort of fling. In an interview with The Insider the 28-year-old called Houston a friend.

That's my friend. I've known her for years and years and years; and she's a friend of the family. So, when we go out it's just the next day it's everywhere and there are so many different stories. But that's my people, that's my friend.

You know what, I have a lot of love for her. And a lot of respect for her, he said. The interview pressed on about their romantic past and Ray J responded, I think that... I don't think that you can really say that. I just think that our friendship is something that people might not understand maybe because of the age different. We've always just been friends. 

We hug. We laugh. We go out to dinner. We talk about different things in our lives. You know, she's a good person, he said.

We've always kept our relationship as private as we could. When we go out we try to keep our relationship as private as we could. You know when we go out, she's such an icon, it reaches the masses. But, for the most part, we've just been friends. And we've always kept everything hush-hush and private. The two dated from 2007 to 2009, after Houston divorced Bobby Brown. 

When asked how Whitney Houston was doing, Ray J said, [She's] great. Great, from what I know. But you will have to ask her, because she could tell you better than me.

The Insider asked if Ray J knew if Houston was past her demons and he declined to comment.